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  1. Hey m from india… if i install this brazillian ota update will my moto x function properly in india?… will there be any problems in calling or something? pls respond

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Today is 4th June and still no sight of lollipop. Even micromax has lollipop and now moto e has also got it. When will we get it????

  3. Still I have not received lollipop . it is been a long time. Please update when we can get it got moto x 1 st gen

  4. This post is undated. If it is dated, it’s not obvious where the date is.

    But isn’t it obvious common sense and common courtesy to PUT A DATE ON A POST, up at the top, clearly visible. This is especially irksome when the title includes the words “this weekend”.
    (You are not, unfortunately, the only person to commit this crime.)

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