How to recruit people for your brand?


What is a brand? A brand in layman terms is a recognizable entity which stands out for doing something specific, providing value in a particular space/sector and has a recall among its users. For example: Apple is a technology brand with specific focus on consumer electronics and that just comes up in mind any time someone would say the word “Apple” or talk about the company in general. If you are an early entrepreneur or a wannapreneur then the most difficult challenge that you face day in and day out is how to recruit people for your brand. For sure people would support you, they will say your idea is great but in real terms only few people will understand what you are doing is all about and be ready to share the battle field with you. So how do you get more people to understand your brand and work for it? Money might be a factor but their are several other factors which are often unnoticed. Today we at Inspire2rise will tell you on how to recruit people for your brand, the awesome way!

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So how to recruit people for your brand?

  • Make the brand vision clear/concise and visible

What’s the message of your brand. What is it that you seek to do? All these questions and their answers should be clear to those who interact with the brand either as the consumer or as the worker.

How to recruit people for your brand y u no

  • Provide value through your branding efforts

For sure all of your branding efforts needs to be for building a good brand image but in order to make your branding efforts truly memorable and to make them appealing for new people who might be your prospective employees, you need to provide value through them. Providing value means that your branding efforts are not only useful for increasing your leads but also help others accomplish something, gain some new insight or make their lives better/easier or bring more joy to their lives. For example: The “Think Different” campaign by Apple urged people to think differently as the great men featured in the advert designed by them. It was giving a social message and at the same time the ad made a positive impact on the brand image of Apple.

  • Maintain consistency and plan for long term

No one likes to work for a brand that does not have a long term goal. For example if you are a content website then the goals can be of achieving a specific number of readers within a year or something concrete that the whole team can work towards. By defining long term plans you give a road map for what your brand would be like and where can the employee picture themselves contributing and how they can see themselves as a part of the overall brand image.

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  • Leverage your real world connections

You were not born an entrepreneur, nor were you always involving in creating something/ making a product. So you must have few real world connections that exist solely because of other stuff you did in your life. These people who are oblivious to your branding efforts are often the best critics, best advisers and the ones who can help you in truly unique ways in finding other people who could work for your brand. Often you can get these people too to work with you because of your already powerful established bonds. But be forewarned that relationships tend to go sour if vision as well as efforts don’t match amongst the people who know each other.

  • Use the power of internal referrals

Your already existing employees can often bring you the best of the hand picked talent as these people know your organization really well and know what type of people the organization needs. Internal referrals are one of the best ways to recruit good talent for your brand without having to try too hard. Read this here an article by MyRefers on how internal referrals are good sources of hires and how to get referrals for your own business.

  • Make the financial incentive clear and well defined

For sure you are looking for an answer on how to recruit people for your brand but never forget that people need money to survive. Your passion and vision is not enough for them to have a good existence until you get the cash flowing. Make sure that the financial incentives are good enough for them to even think about becoming a face behind your brand.

How to recruit people for your brand getting paid

  • Be the face of your own brand.

Remember that people associate you (the founder/main person) with the brand the most. And if they don’t do so then make them do so. A small example will tell you how having a singular face to represent the brand ethos works a lot! Think Facebook, what comes first to your mind? The unapologetic smiling face of Mark Zuckerberg plastered all over your imagination, isn’t it so. Think Apple, and the first image would be of Steve Jobs. These successful founders embody the very spirit of their respective organizations. Think of Satya Nadella and his rising prominence in Google as well as in Google’s communications with outside world, of course he is talented and capable. But the truth is that he represents all the qualities that Google wants to communicate with the outside world. Young, energetic, trustworthy, getting the job done all these are qualities that Google wants to project and that’s why Satya’s face is spread across the media as one of the public faces of Google since few months.
Once you become the face of your own brand you will be in a position of authority to communicate the right message to your employees as well as your users. For sure this might not be applicable to every brand and this strategy might require you to be extremely disciplined and focused but this is one thing that really works. Because people connect with people.

They want to see a real person, not just a logo with a message splashed all across their faces!

So now that you have gone through all the points and you know how to recruit people for your brand then what are you waiting for, take immediate action starting now!

Do you have any doubts? Something that you didn’t quite understand, or something that you want to share then don’t hesitate and feel free to comment on this post. Your views are more than welcome!


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