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  1. Hi Aditya,

    I have gone through to your article and it is really nice.
    I would suggest that now you should try to contact some blogger to know their adsense earning in terms of $XXXX amount and then share their adsense placement so that people can compare it.
    Also include Niche of the sites etc.
    It will be a good case study article of different type.


  2. Though Adsense is not a major source of income to me, I think this is a very interesting article Aditya. Just going through it, I can see some really solid points and I’m glad I’m part of the post.

    You see, many bloggers think it’s all about huge traffic. While traffic plays an important part, these optimization tips will mightily boost earnings.

    And yes, thanks for the shout out and link to the awesome guest article on my blog man

    Have a wonderful week ahead

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping by Enstine, your points really resonated with the spirit of the article, so I was compelled to include you here! You too have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

  3. Hello Aditya .

    It is Google Adsense Earning increase Ideas CTR improve it This is Wonderful and Helpful Your Article All; Points I like Your Information Keep on Thanks a lot For Sharing me Best Guidelines
    Have a Great Day

    1. Many sites are granted extra privileges if they earn good, things like custom ad sizes and any number of ads are one of them. Also point to be noted is that premium AdSense publishers get all of these benefits and few selected normal ones too! An example of such a site would be techulator. com!

  4. Hi Aditya!
    Can you look at my website shrawankupadhyay dot com dot np and say to me whether it is suitable to apply for Google AdSense or not? I tried to upgrade my YouTube hosted AdSense account through this site, but AdSense says site doesn’t comply with Google policies. Will you suggest me if anything to improve so i can use this site to upgrade my hosted account.

  5. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips and lovely suggestions. I am surely going to try them for my blog.

  6. I have tried adding google adsense but I will probably try. Just worried of its placement in my blog. But I would love to earn from it

  7. As always your posts are extremely helpful! I am new in blogging and I don’t understand many things! But you always help me out! Thank you!

  8. Hi Aditya,

    This is good article, and driving very useful information which proving very helpful for me increase my website CTR with very short time, these days I am using heat maps for tracking my website status..
    Thanks so much for this fully detail post..

    Mohd Arif

  9. It is a great article, Thanks a lot.
    1 last thing : do u believe that AdSense can be a main income for the person?
    main income means 3k $ per month
    best regards

    1. Yes Google AdSense can be a main source of Income for any person if they have a good number of sites which give in good amount of traffic or a single site with that much traffic. Though the latter case is really difficult. Also a point to keep in mind is that $3k per month can be achieved via AdSense if a person has a proper YouTube channel, few websites and all of them receive good amount of high quality traffic!

  10. This is very important for me. I dont know much about adsense, i read your post and got the clear idea. I think this will be useful for me in future.Thanks for such a great post.

  11. I always wonder how can people reach 4-10% CTR. but, I never hit even 2 % CTR in average. I always try many advice but it still not works. by the way, My Blogs is not a Niche blog.

    1. Apart from placement try to make sure that your website in itself doesn’t look too flashy, this makes sure that people’s focus goes on ads rather than too much on the images on the site!

  12. Thank you for your Information. However, based on my experience as a blogger, I have noticed a high CTR on downloads niche blog and a very low CTR on a blogging niche blog. But the CPC is more on blogging niche and less on downloads and tech niche.

    Some people are saying, using fewer ads will increase the revenue. I am not sure about it when Google itself providing the facility. Since my inception of the blog, I have placed ads in the same place by utilizing all the ad space, even I know my blog is eligible for matched content ads. If you don’t have content and have ads placed’s hard to earn, if you have content and even if you don’t place ads correctly, your income may be little less…

    Anyways, after reading your post I changed few things on my blog. Those are very useful in increasing my CTR. Now I am getting CTR 3% to 4%. That feels good to me.

  13. Was looking for some tips on increasing CTR, and this is by far one of the most informative and to the point article I have found. Good work Aditya !!

    The javascript editing this something good, but if Google’s guidelines are to be believed, you should let the main article content load first instead of anything else. Yes, you can make ads load right after the content loads and then rest of things. but loading anything else before the content is really not a good idea as it can affect your rankings in the SERPs.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation man, but the Javascript thing is something I found out increases CTR if properly implemented and it’s not in violation of AdSense TOS in any way, so it’s perfectly safe! 🙂

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