Understanding the psychology behind inspirational quotes

Almost all of us are  active on social networks. And those who aren’t always get their daily dose of sayings from their parents, teachers, elders and well wishers. For those who regularly use Facebook it’s almost impossible to get rid of the inspirational quotes. They are everywhere! In the news feed, shared by fellow friends and almost everyone. There comes a time when we really begin to wonder what is the exact meaning behind that particular quote. So, here at Inspire2rise let’s debunk the mass psychology behind inspirational quotes.

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The psychology behind Inspirational quotes : Need for such quotes.

As we people are getting lost in our fast paced lives, we all need things in packages. Small, easy to digest and instant packages. Same treatment has been given to motivation and inspiration by us. We need our quick pill of the day. As I have witnessed in a friend of mine, he daily downloads a motivational wallpaper with inspirational quotes and keeps it for the day.

psychology behind inspirational quotes
Understanding their need is the first step!

The need for such quotes stems from the fact that we are surrounded by so many negativeness in our lives. All of us seek an escape or some means to help us better cope up with the stresses. Words of wisdom surely help in such times. 😀

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Demystifying psychology behind such quotes : Why do people share them?

Guilt : When people feel that they lack a certain quality they often try to portray that it’s something that they don’t lack. And they often go to deep subconscious as an impulse for portrayal of that quality as a positive trait in social media.

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To impress others : This is the most common reason. People want to show that they are cool, focused and know what they want from their life. After all, who wants to look like a lost faggot.

To send a message : Sometimes saying something directly to detractors and competitors is difficult. At such times these inspirational quotes are what keep us motivated and their usage helps in getting a point across.

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Explaining the real reason for the popularity of Inspirational quotes in mass media and culture.

As we see in groups like 4chan, on numerous Facebook pages, image sharing sites like Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram etc. such pictures are what comprises more than 80% content that is actively shared.

If we think carefully, it’s all because of the times we live in.

  • There is no peace of mind.
  • We have economic slowdown.
  • People have almost lost all of their moral values and ethics.
  • We all lack clear guidance, our governments are making our lives miserable.
  • We are all lost in trivia like false relationships, seeking love, acceptance etc. rather than standing out for our own.

So, this was our take on the psychology behind Inspirational quotes. If you have something more to add up then do add.

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Understanding the psychology behind inspirational quotes

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