My Clichéd Inspiration: My mother!

A very simple question asked in many of the Interviews that you will attend. What inspires you? To that I always give a clichéd answer, my Mother. Other smart ass people say books which they never read, music which they don’t even know properly, parents whom they don’t even meet that often. But for me this one woman will always be an inspiration. My upbringing was very different, not like regular girls with Barbie dolls and excessive security of parents, they always taught us to be wild and free, but also to be smart. Though today I am still not that street smart and get hurt, but there are a few things that my mom always says. Whenever I am low and I feel that I am useless creature, I remember these things.

  1. You are my boy!

She never treated us like regular girls as I mentioned before, my mother always treated us equally as guys. She was though bit insecure always regarding this concept, but never really showed it on her face! She was strong enough to teach us all the guys stuff, but made us decent and lady enough to show our girly tantrums too.

  1. Friends will not stay, career will.

No matter how many promises are made that we will meet and will always be there, it’s not really possible. Some of them do stay, they are real gems! But according to my mom, friends don’t stay for long. Someday they will have their own priorities and responsibilities and they will move on. Intact, sometimes inferiority complex creeps in. You will face inferiority in life where in your friends will be at a better position and you won’t be. People may say that it never happens, one should always be happy with themselves and blah. But ask yourself, do you really are happy when you see your friend succeed and you are still stuck in that dead end job? To avoid such a situation, career is important. Friends are too, but they won’t stay forever, career will.

  1. Open mind brews more ideas; closed mind is like a sewer full of gutter!
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Never restrict yourself to one idea or a concept! Mind is like wind blowing in all directions. It should be a sponge that can soak up everything. If clogged, it will be no less than a gutter stinking of narrow mindedness and sadistic thoughts all life! So, never restrict your thoughts and never judge anything in life! Don’t be just black and white, understand Grey too.

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  1. Heart is everything; brain is for monetary matters only!

A very strange thing to say, I never much really followed this thing. Until recently, when I came across hiring a guy. This person used to frequently change his job, like within 2 months and 6 months and had an experience of about 13 years.
When asked as a standard HR query that why such frequent changes, he simply said

“I always follow my heart. Where there is heart, money automatically follows!”

  1. Forgive but never forget!

Forgive, but never forget their face and what happened. Because they will make you study people better. They will help to make you a stronger person and street smart. You will know the difference between a well-wisher and a person who is ready to stab you straight into your heart!

  1. Be happy with a pint of beer on some days.

Meaning, Wine is expensive. You cannot have it every day. Beer is something that you can manage sometimes. Before you low lives judge my mom into an alcoholic person, it means that sometimes there will be lack of money. So control your appetite those days. Try and be content when there is shortage. And work you ass off so that next day you can have wine which is obviously an analogy for the better things in life!

  1. Sometimes people won’t like even your good qualities because they are yours.
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Some people will hate you for no reason! I remember a dialogue from The Dark Knight by Bruce’s butler Alfred; “Some people just simply like to watch the world burn”. You can’t change them; they are sadists and will always try and pull you down to their level. Ignore them and move on. It’s better to spend your time and energy on more useful tasks then feed such people. They are attention whores whose potency multiplies with the amount of attention you give to them!

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Shreya Verma is a Bibliophile, food lover and a wild child! Currently working as an HR professional and trying to make a name in this big world!

My Clichéd Inspiration: My mother!

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