How to get rid of Social Media Addiction


Social media is at its peak these days, almost everyone today with a computer and an internet connection is on one of those many social networking sites. To be honest, these social networking sites are great for our technological evolution, it has connected the whole world very closely, have made expanding your business an easier task and also have resulted in quite a few uprisings in middle east. But as they say, too much of anything is harmful, so here we are today discussing something which is a result of too much of social networking, i.e. the Social Media Addiction, which while may not be much popular but is as dangerous as any other addiction. So if you’re also suffering from this Social media addiction and want to cure yourself then read below for 5 tips on how to get rid of Social Media Addiction.

How to get rid of Social Media Addiction: The steps.

1. Accepting the Problem- The first step to solve any problem is to accept it, and besides that there’s no hiding for this Social media addiction you see, because everyone sees you always online and they can testify that you have an addiction, so first step to get rid of this addiction should be the acceptance from your side that Yes I’ve a social media addiction and I need to cure myself of it, get rid myself of it.

How to get rid of Social Media Addiction
Accept that you have a problem and you are addicted!

2. Turn off all the Notifications- Notifications are good when they are used with a purpose. But when you start getting those good for nothing notifications for every single message and activities of your contacts and have started replying to each one of them then you’re going the wrong way. The best thing you can do now is to turn of all those notifications and allowing them only when you have nothing to do. This in turn will save your time and your precious battery too. So hurry up and turn those notifications off. (Android 7 has made this process infinitely easy)

3. Set your priorities right- Remember that, there’s is a difference between your social life and your real life. Those friends and networks which you make on these social networking sites are very much different than those real relationship in the real world. Try to differentiate between these two. Know your real friends and spend more time with time rather than spending time on those social groups. This will help you in two ways, one you can get rid of your social networking addiction and secondly you can make some really close friends.

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4. Develop some hobbies- Usually I get online when I’m really bored and have nothing to do, I’m sure that happens to you too. We use these social networking sites to cure our boredom and then get addicted to them and waste our precious time. To be sure that you’re not wasting your time like this, you should try to develop some kind of hobbies which can keep you busy in the free time. This can be anything, it can be your jamming sessions with your guitar or sketches of your favorite anime characters and anything which you may like.

5. Take a week off and have a vacation- Do this, deactivate all your social networking accounts for a week and take a week long vacation from everything. Visit your favorite places, hang out with your real friends instead of Google hangouts and spend some quality time without once logging into your account. Try this, just for a week, and you will feel the change. Trust me on this one because this comes from my personal experience.

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Social networking is a serious addiction, try to get rid off it, real world is a lot more beautiful and meaningful. Keep reading Inspire2rise for more such stuff.

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