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Because being consistent, pays off!

Consistency is the mother of all success. For the past few weeks, life had been a downward spiral here at Inspire2rise. We lost ranking for five of our top hitting posts because of too many 403 internal server errors. Our site was down 80% of the time anyone visited it in the past weeks. And still that error has refused to go away. So, here we are discussing the importance of consistency in life and any work we lay our hands on.
But in this mayhem one thing that we have understood is that –

This is life!

We all expect things to be easy, smooth. All of us think that give your best and you would reach the top.
But the truth is that consistency is what all of us need. Looking back at the past I realized that it was consistency that got us here in the first place. And it’s the same consistency that kept us from shutting down operations even when we have no serious profits despite 1.7 years of operation.

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But one thing is for sure. Being consistent and being foolish are a lot different.

importance of consistency in life
There’s a very fine line between being consistent and being foolish. Realize the importance of consistency before being too late!

A consistent person not only thinks the plan ahead of time. But works hard to get things done. Even in the most hostile situations. While a fool on the other hand doesn’t have any fixed plan and bangs head on anything he/her can find just to feel that they are working.
Consistency involves being committed to the purpose that you have. Day after day, second after second working towards what’s important. The hurdles that we encountered are of considerable familiarity to all of us.
First hurdle in being consistent is the craving for change.
You work hard for a week or so. And that’s it. Your brain hangs up the boots.
You feel like some fresh air. But the point here is that the fickle human brain never gets enough fun. Even if you spend a week vacationing, when you come back you won’t be ready to sweat it out that hard again.
To overcome this I would suggest that we follow the runner’s principle.
Simply put, the runner puts more effort when completely exhausted just to squeeze out that extra mile from their bodies.
This is what you need to be consistent.
Just when you feel like giving up on some important work for a break. Say to yourself :

Just five minutes more and then we shall think about doing something else.

Every time you do this, you would find that you became a step closer to your goal. And with sufficient time and practice this would become your habit.
And once you are consistent enough to work on a thing regardless of what is happening, what the odds are. What are the risks etc. then believe me, there’s no stopping you.
You will find yourself doing things you never imagined. You will find capabilities that you never thought you had. And above all you will find that gem of a person who won’t give up even if the world is against you.
Stay motivated, stay inspired to rise.
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Comment now. We all can benefit from some little motivation can’t we!
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