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Microsoft is coming up with a new browser ‘Spartan’


You must have heard about Microsoft, in fact chances are, you are reading this on one of their devices. Everything under the cloud of Microsoft is very popular in a good light except one thing, and that equation may change very soon.

Yes you read that right.

Yes we are talking about the Internet Explorer, the most popular and most defamed browser in whole world, and also Microsoft Windows’ default web browser.

Microsoft is coming up with a new browser 'Spartan'

Internet Explorer has been defamed very badly from the time of its inception though it was never that was and in last few years, with the emergence of Chrome and popularity of Mozilla, it’s market share also came crashing down. Despite all the possible tries of Microsoft to make Internet Explorer positively popular, the graph is only going down for Internet Explorer despite its being a lot better now (Yes seriously).

Now what we’re hearing or what’s coming out of the Microsoft headquarters is that the company is developed a new browser, no not an updated version of Internet Explorer but an entirely new type of browser which is mainly inspired by Chrome and Firefox and is very lightweight.  The project is codenamed ‘Spartan’  for now. (That would have made a really cool name too.)

So what surprises does Microsoft have for us and what are all the rumours with the new ‘Spartan’ ?  Let’s find out.

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The News about the browser broke out a fee days ago on Twitter when Thomas Negro, one of the developers of VLC and an insider of Microsoft tweeted that Microsoft is developing a new browser which is not an update to the IE11.

Furthermore, this new browser will be lightweight abd fast, something which IE11 was not. It will be included with the Windows 10, accompanying Internet Explorer, Yes Windows 10 will have IE11 for backward compatibility.

Also another little fact about (actually the most important thing, i.e the engine for browser), Spartan will use the Trident rendering engine and the Chakra JavaScript engine.

According to our most genuine of the sources (read Twitter rumours) thr browser will have a lot of new features which are not yet found in its rivals like Mozilla and Chrome. (The browser rivalry sounds good, maybe a Game of Thrones angle here?) But I guess that’s what new browsers are supposed to have, features which no one else have. But anything other than Internet Explorer is good so it’s okay.

Microsoft is coming up with a new browser

One of the main features of this new browser will be its ability to annotate. That is, It can annotate a web page with a stylus so that you can then send that note to your friends or colleague. But hey you can just copy paste the content, can’t you? Actually not, I mean you can copy paste but this annotation will help you easily note down anything which will be then saved in OneDrive. Yes you read that right, the browser reportedly will be powered by cloud-enabled OneDrive so that you can access your notes anywhere any time easily.

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Microsoft cortana's iconAnother big rumour for features in Spartan is that the new browser will be integrated with the Microsoft’s voice-enabled Cortana digital assistant.  You may have heard about Cortana?  (Microsoft’s version of ‘Okay Google’, don’t tell this to anyone.)

We are already guessing ajd hearing about how you may use your Cortana Voice Assistant to find out flight informations or maybe hotek bookings or maybe package tracking and just about so many things that you see under that standard web address bar in your browser, I hope that Spartan will have a address bar.

Also you can hope to get rid of Bing (yayayay)  now as this Spartan browser will replace the “every instance of the existing Bing methods in Internet Explorer”  with the Cortana assistant integration.

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Another new feature which you may see with Spartan is the ability to group some tabs together if they are for a specific task like for example you can group tabs accordingly in Personal, Work related and ‘something which we can’t write here because our reach is far wide and even young kids also read our reports’  groups.
That’s being said, you can’t use custom themes, at least not for now. So basically all your Manga themes are wasted now.

You can though expect Spartan to look and work similar on all the platforms and is designed to be a single browser for work across PC, tablet and phone.

The desktop version of the Spartan can be expected to be on the lines of Chrome though a little simplified and featuring tabs along the address bar with backward forward and refresh buttons. (Waoh Spartan, just waow)

It’s all designed to look lightweight, without the bloat typically associated with older versions of Internet Explorer,” says The Verge.

Also one of the. Microsoft spokesperson had  said that the company has “nothing to share” about these revelations.

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