Windows 10 updates bring optimisation for AMD Ryzen lineup!

Expect better performance on AMD Ryzen based systems with the latest versions of Windows!

Windows 10 has often been criticized for being so testing with updates that a lot of users completely disable Windows updates. A lot of these issues were resolved with the Windows 10 May update for 2019 which made future updates optional for users and people can now opt to receive updates. But the latest series of updates from Microsoft work hard towards optimizing the Windows experience for AMD Ryzen owners.

Windows 10 update improvements for Ryzen CPUs

When the Ryzen 3rd Gen series desktop processors were released, one interesting news was that AMD and Microsoft cooperated to optimize the whole system. This was mainly for CPU internal scheduling optimization, thus avoiding AMD CPU internal cross-CCX. Module operation produces a large delay in many AMD based systems.

windows 10 update optimized for amd ryzen lineup

According to AMD’s latest info, after the Windows 10 optimization, it will give priority to using one CCX module in the Ryzen processor. If the internal four cores are not enough, then another CCX will be used.

microsoft windows 10 update optimized for amd ryzen

At the same time, the dynamic frequency adjustment of Ryzen in Windows 10 is more timely. The time interval is greatly shortened from 30ms to only 1-2ms, and the frequency value suitable for the current load can be selected at any time to improve performance and energy efficiency. This specifically means better performance and efficiency in the real world.

Actual results: AMD said that after the new scheduling done in Windows 10. The gaming performance can be improved by up to 15%. They have further stated that the application performance can be increased by up to 6%.

Now, this patch has been launched with the latest Windows 10 v1903. Some publications and online portals did extensive tests and we won’t beat around the bush and present the results directly to you.

Windows 10 update AMD Ryzen performance improvements results!

The Summary from the independent online tests suggests that the current Windows 10 update is a slight improvement but not as dramatic as claimed by AMD as of yet. The tests were done on earlier versions of Ryzen i.e. Ryzen 5 1600, maybe the performance gains would be much more on the newer generation of Ryzen processors. When compared to Intel CPUs, which are now regularly patched with security patches to reduce performance, AMD continues to optimize from the BIOS, drivers and systems, which actually results in more performance and value for the end user.


amd ryzen 5 testing after updates


Considering that this patch is mainly for the Ryzen 3rd Gen series, there are still many differences in the architecture of the Ryzen 1st or 2nd generation. If the performance can still be further improved then we would definitely keep our eyes peeled on the performance improvements across all the generations of Ryzen CPUs. 

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Windows 10 updates bring optimisation for AMD Ryzen lineup!

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